Infosys interview tips

Infosys interview tips


As one of India's leading technology companies, Infosys' recruitment and selection process is designed to find the best match between a candidate's skillset and the needs of the company. Infosys' recruitment policies are closely aligned with its business plans, which are used to forecast and execute recruitments for the year.

To apply to Infosys, you must first meet their academic requirements. A minimum of 60% in Class 10 and 12, and a minimum of 65% in B. Tech, is required for consideration.

Eligible candidates have a three-stage recruitment process, there are

  • Aptitude examination
  • Interview with technician
  • Interview with Human resources
Aptitude Test Sections

The aptitude test is divided into three sections, each with its own time limit and cut-off point. Examples include logical and analytical thinking, quantitative skills, and verbal skills. The first section (reasoning) contains questions ranging in difficulty from easy to medium. Topics such as data sufficiency, visual reasoning, data interpretation, syllogism, statement reasoning etc. You have 25 minutes to answer 15 questions.

The second part (quantitative aptitude) contains questions about time, speed and distance, permutation and combination, series of numbers, formulas, analytical puzzles, algebra, probability etc. with medium to high level of difficulty. You have 35 minutes to answer ten questions.

Time management is critical in the final section, with only 35 minutes to answer 40 questions (verbal ability).Fillintheblanks, synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, vocabulary, sentence correction, and so on are all possible.Because there is no negative marking, try to answer all of the questions.

The interview is separated into two rounds, technical and human resources. The interview questions is generally revolve around your CV. Apart from demonstrating domain knowledge, remember to be polite and confident, as your communication skills will also be evaluated.

1. Technical round

In general, questions for candidates, depending on their CV and interest area.

2. HR round

The HR interview comes after the technical round. The purpose right here is to decide whether or not you're an awesome in shape for the company. The scope of the questions is broad, starting from your background on your pastimes on your outlook on life! Prepare to reply questions designed to evaluate your sincerity in applying for the job.

Remember to keep eye contact, be quick and to the factor while answering, and stay civil and well-mannered. There's no want to be frightened due to the fact the interview panel is normally pretty friendly. Recruiters hardly ever comment on your overall performance rather than informing you of your choice later. Given the extent of recruitment drives, it can take numerous weeks to get hold of an offer, so be patient.

All the best!

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