Must 5 Programming language for DevOps engineer

Must 5 Programming language for DevOps engineer


In the past, the IT industry faced numerous problems when it came to delivering optimal services with absolute precision and agility. However, this has changed since DevOps integration. Adoption of DevOps has increased in recent years, helping companies bring all functions together so they can deliver reliable software with faster delivery and better quality.

1. Python

Python has become the most standard DevOps programming language. it's easy to learn and includes an in depth library of modules for executing numerous DevOps activities. Python is an excellent language for automation due to its readability, comprehensibility, and concise syntax. It' additionally an understood language, which implies it runs so much quicker than compiled languages such as Java.

2. Groovy

Groovy is made on Java, creating it simple to learn for programmers with some experience. It' usually used to automate software package development operations like file creation, code compilation, and test execution. However, groovy is usually used in Jenkins when it involves DevOps. you'll quickly write Jenkins pipelines as code and Jenkins shared libraries if you know Groovy scripting.

3. GoLang

GoLang was introduced in 2009, GoLang, a new child at the block that emerged from Google's open-source kitchen, has been taking the DevOps global by storm. Its syntax is influenced with the aid of using different famous programming languages inclusive of Python and C++, making studying less complicated for brand new programmers. Furthermore, Golang became created for speed, and the language's emphasis on lean, network-green runtimes bodes properly for DevOps.

4. JavaScript

For developers, JavaScript is a secure bet. However, in relation to DevOps, JavaScript is a little greater sophisticated, but it would not mean they can not work together. IaaC technologies like Pulumi support Javascript and Typescript for building infrastructure as code. NodeJS is likewise a server-aspect Javascript implementation that lets in node developers to create APIs for backend applications and command-line scripts.

5. Bash

Bash scripts (Linux Shell Scripting) automate DevOps processes together with set up and configuration management. DevOps developers, for example, utilise Bash to write deployment scripts that handle the hard lifting in new app releases. Many companies use bash scripts for their automated tasks, despite the fact that we've got various open-source solutions for configuration and deployment.

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