How to prepare SQL interview?

How to prepare SQL interview?


1. Understand aggregate functions

SQL is an great technique when it comes to aggregations. There are numerous capabilities involved in SQL such as AVG(), COUNT(), SUM(), MIN(), MAX(), and plenty of others. Hence, an interviewer expects the candidate to have the simple information of aggregate functions. If you've got got a great information of the mixture functions of SQL, there are better possibilities that you'll grab the attention of the hiring managers and they may need to move ahead together along with your application.

2. Combine results from tables

When giving a SQL interview, an individual desires to have the knowledge of combining effects from one of a kind tables with the aid of using the use of joins and set operations. Once the hiring manager asks you to show your competency approximately joins, you must nail this area, because it will decide your practical knowledge and a way to fit you are for this role.

3. Problems related to analytics functions

Analytics functions, also called windows functions, is a feature this is provided with the aid of using SQL. This function allows you find the highest cost to your table. Hence, this function makes your tasks hassle-free. A person needs to have a great information of this function, as it's miles the maximum crucial function in SQL.