United AirLines Recruitment 2023

United AirLines Recruitment 2023

Sun Jun 11 2023

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United Airlines is a renowned airline with a rich history and a strong presence in the aviation industry. Founded in 1926, it has become one of the largest and most respected airlines globally. United Airlines offers a wide range of domestic and international flights, connecting passengers to various destinations around the world. With a focus on customer satisfaction, United Airlines strives to provide a seamless travel experience, offering exceptional service, comfortable seating, and a host of amenities. Their commitment to safety and reliability has earned them a solid reputation among travelers. Whether for business or leisure, United Airlines remains a top choice for those seeking quality air travel. United AirLines R
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Company NameUnited Airlines hiring Associate Engineer
Job RoleAssociate Engineer
QualificationB.E/ B.Tech( Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical)
Job Locationgurugram
PackageAs per company standard
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Job Description

Job Description

The position of Associate Engineer at United Airlines presents an opportunity to tackle a diverse range of tasks related to aircraft systems, maintenance programs, engines, and operational engineering functions. The role involves understanding, analyzing, and devising solutions for aircraft design, operation, maintenance, performance, and repair, including components. The ability to approach problem-solving in a logical manner is crucial, as is the capacity to define aircraft maintenance programs, configurations, and ensure safe and legal operations. Additionally, evaluating the cost impact and benefits of potential projects for aircraft enhancements falls within the scope of responsibilities. Collaborating with internal and external customers on technical issues, work scope recommendations, and failure investigations is also a key aspect of the role. As you gain experience, your project work will become more complex, and you may be assigned to different engineering departments based on organizational needs.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Reviewing Service Bulletins (SBs) from airframe and component manufacturers for their applicability to United Airlines’ fleet.
  2. Developing solutions, implementation plans, project justifications, and cost/benefit analyses. Managing overall project implementation, including obtaining FAA approvals and coordinating warranty recovery for applicable SBs.
  3. Maintaining proactive communication and engagement with domestic engineering team members to ensure alignment with daily work assignments and goals.
  4. Organizing and managing priorities for assigned responsibilities, ensuring timely completion of work processes for projects related to line and base aircraft, maintenance program changes, and technical specification revisions.
  5. Coordinating work with other operational groups to ensure airworthiness, safety, regulatory compliance, operational reliability, and efficiency.
  6. Participating in development and training activities through virtual sessions, onsite training, and independent learning modules.

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