FINASTRA Recruitment Drive 2023

FINASTRA Recruitment Drive 2023

Thu Sep 28 2023

About company
Finastra is a financial technology company that provides innovative software solutions for financial institutions worldwide. Established in 2017 through the merger of two financial software leaders, Misys and D+H, Finastra offers a wide range of software and services, including retail banking, treasury and capital markets, and lending solutions. With over 9,000 employees and customers in more than 130 countries, Finastra is a global leader in the fintech industry. The company is committed to empowering financial institutions with cutting-edge technology and delivering exceptional customer service.
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Company NameFINASTRA
Job RoleSoftware Engineer
QualificationBachelor’s Degree
Job Locationpune
PackageAs per company standard
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Job Description

Job Description

Excellent knowledge in C,C++

  • OOPS Concepts
  • Templates and STL
  • Exception Handling and Overloading
  • Containment and Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Run Time Type Identification (RTTI)
  • Understanding of the operating systems and how they work:
  • What is the difference between virtual storage and real memory?
  • Usage of Unix commands. ( ps pstack pmap vmstat iostat netstat ).
  • NLS – what is local encoding, what is Unicode. Different types of Unicode.
  • Little Endian and Big Endian. Where do we need to pay attention?
  • MQ – usage of MQ commands. The structure of MQ messages. Different types of MQ messages (String Binary). Conversion of MQ messages.
  • Oracle. Using efficient indexes. Identifying distinctive value columns.

Understanding explain plans, AWR reports.

  • The ability to work independently, and acquire the required knowledge by searching the web efficiently.
  • Memory management & tools - understanding memory leaks and memory violations (segmentation faults).
  • Understanding the concept of transactions.
  • Web servers and browsers. What is working on client side and what on server side?
  • Corba – what is IDL. How does the CORBA protocol works?

Good Analytical and Logical skills.

Awareness of software engineering processes in design, code, testing etc.

Ability to work under less supervision

Middleware knowledge preferably Tuxedo

Good in Database concepts especially Oracle 10g or higher.

Be a team player

Possess good verbal and written communication skills

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